Union Telecom

Union Telecom USA provides superior, affordable, convenient and easy-to-use communication services. As a telecommunication company in a competitive market, Union Telecom USA's objective has always been to add value, connect communities internationally, and improve customer care.

Our mission is to be recognized as a standard of excellence in the telecommunications industry through our promise of excellence, dedication to knowledge, competitiveness and emphasis on teamwork, offering high quality products of advanced technology at competitive prices. We are committed to being good players always maintaining business ethics, honesty and integrity.

Since 1989, Union Telecom USA has been the leading provider of telephone services to ethnic businesses and consumers in the United States and Canada. Our facilities-based network infrastructure has allowed our customers unprecedented savings for telecommunication services. The company also works with national and international long-distance carriers transacting with the world's emerging economies. We offer high levels of satisfaction to every customer by understanding their needs and cultures, providing exceptional value and delivering reliable communication services.

Building on that tradition, Union Telecom USA services connect worldwide communities spanning Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America. Union Telecom USA serves more than a million customers and is dedicated to maintain leadership in the telecommunication industry around the globe.

The Company